Seungjae Koh


When everyone says something is impossible, I look for possibility.
We hope to contribute to the world by helping people to
live their lives as they dream. If a path is the path of good
and virtue, no matter how rough and hard that path is,
we always find and will find our way through it.

Seoul Science High School (1992~1995)
Seoul National University, B.S. in Earth and Environmental
Engineering and in Business Administration (2002)
Mckinsey & Company, Seoul Office, Business Analyst (2002~2003)
Eduplex, Founder & CEO (2004)
Winkia Planner, Co-developer (2008)
Present Member of SoftBank Academia (2013 ~ )
"Ridibooks - Read the Leader, Seungjae Ko" (2011)



Songeun Kim

Managing Director

“ I want to dedicate myself to contribute each and
every student in Korea to truly own what they study. ”

In 2004, she started as Study Coaching Manager at the first
Eduplex. All branches she managed as a
Principal were turned into profitable businesses. Later, she took
charge of all corporate branches and maximized
revenues and operating profits. Now at the headquarters, she is
in charge of the entire Eduplex-Educoach Business to
improve revenues and profits across franchises nationwide.

Yonsei University, B.A. in Korean Literature (1997)
Yonsei University, M.A. in Korean Literature (2000)
"Want to Do Well in School? Study on Your Own" (2005)
"Study Guide, How to Become a Studyholic" (2007)
"Korean Self-Study Guide, How to Get a Perfect Score" (2009)
"This is The REAL Way to Study" (2014)
"Miracle Voca, Study Tips from Geeks at Seoul National University" (2014)



Minsun Kim

Division Director

“ I yearn to be a part of educational institution, which helps teenage
students to lead their lives independently and to grow up happily. ”

She started as Study Coaching Manager in 2005 and was
promoted to be a Principal in 2007. In 2008, she transferred to the
headquarters and became Development Head of "Research Center for Education
& Development" and later Head of Franchise Management Team.
Director, also. Since April 2017, as a Business General Managing Director of the Eduplex Business,
she has been managing franchise locations across the nation and helping turn
the Eduplex-Educoach brand into the most renowned franchise in education.

Chung-Ang University, B.A. in Law (2005)
Eduplex, Study Coaching Manager (2005)
Eduplex, Local Academy Principal (2007)
Eduplex, Research Center for Education & Development, Head of Development Team (2008)
Eduplex, Franchise Management Team, Team Head (2011)
Eduplex-Educoach, Business Managing Director (2013)
Eduplex Busuness General Managing Director (2017)



Jungyeon Namgung

Head of a Department

“ I hope to lay the cornerstones for this growing and, great organization. ”

In 2005, the earlier days since the foundation of the company,
she worked for Human Resources Team at the headquarters
until she became a Certified Labor Attorney. For next seven years,
she practiced her own labor corporation, providing corporate
advisory and consulting services regarding human resources
and labor. From Strategy Planning Director to,
Since 2017, as a Business Planning Director at NEXCUBE,
she has been setting up the framework regarding the rules and
policies related to the company’s business management system.

Yonsei University, B.A. in Law (2000)
Certified Labor Attorney (2007)
University of Seoul, Studied at Graduate School of Business Administration (2010)



Eunhyun Ahn

Division Director

“ I'd like to contribute to students not only studying
but also becoming a master in personal life
through self-directed learning. ”

She joined Eduplex as a manager in 2006,
In 2015, appointed head of the Eduplex Development Team Manager.
Currently, She is the head of the Educoach Division.

Eduplex, Study Coaching Manager (2006)
Eduplex, Daechi 2 Principal (2010)
Eduplex, Eduplex Development Team Manager (2015)
"Honestly, I want to be 1st." (2016)
Educoach, Division Director (2017)



Kiho Uhm

Division Director

“ I’d like to help all citizens of Korea to live healthy life
through proper exercise and diet, with plans optimized for their body types. ”

Since 2002, he has worked as a rafting guide, a guide instructor, a squash
instructor, a group exercise instructor, and a personal trainer. In 2013,
he joined the development team of Spoplex and developed the
first-generation Spoplex program. He was also a Head Trainer
and a Store Manager at Spoplex in Seolleung, Seoul and Team Manager of head quarter,
and is currently in charge of the whole project about Spoplex as a Division Director.

"Dear Future-Generation Athletes" (2008)
Kunkuk University, M.S. in Physical Education (2012)
Level-2 Secondary School Teacher’s License, Physical Education (2012)
Health and Physical Education Instructor (Exercise Prescription) (2015)



Boyoung Lee

Division Director

“ All staffs of Eduplex-Educoach work hard for happiness
of their students and parents. I hope to help our staffs to have
great talents who have warm hearts, springing passion, and shining wisdom. ”

In 2005, she started to work for "Research Center for Education
& Development" at the Eduplex headquarters. In 2008, she was
promoted to a Head of Education Team. Since July 2013,
as a Director of Education for the Eduplex-Educoach Business
sector, she has been working hard to establish an education system
and to train study coaching managers and principals.

Ewha Womans University, B.A. in Psychology (2000)
Level-2 Secondary School Teacher’s License, Psychology (2001 )
Ewha Womans University, M.A. in Psychology (2003)
Level-1 Certified Counseling Psychologist (2003)
Level-2 Certified Youth Counselor (2006)
MBTI Certified Instructor (2007)



Jaygeun Rhee

Division Director

“ It is the action, not the plan, that can actually change our life. ”

Since 2008, he has developed the Lifemanager series,
the self management program based on GTD (Getting Things Done)
Technology, and has a wide range of fans. He is an author of
"Manager Nah’s Evernote Struggles," where he wrote about real-life
GTD task management technology. He is dreaming to
build up a complete PPMS (Personal Productivity
Management System) and is currently leading all
IT related projects at NEXCUBE.

"Manager Nah’s Evernote Struggles" (2013)

Jaygeun Rhee


Mijin Jang

Division Director

“ My belief is that people are our future and hope.
I will strive to be a servant leader that moves hearts of people. ”

In 2006, she started as a Study Coaching Manager at a local Eduplex
and transferred to Daechi Academy, one of the
corporate branches. She was promoted to a
Principal in 2009, and since then, has been leading Daechi
Academy as the center of self-directed learning in Daechi-dong,
the Korea’s foremost private education zone. Since August 2013,
she has also been serving as a Managing Director of the
Eduplex-Educoach Non-Franchise Business sector.

Dankook University, B.A. in Korean Language and Literature (1998)
Eduplex, Study Coaching Manager (2006)
Eduplex, Daechi Academy, Principal (2009)
Eduplex-Educoach, Non-Franchise Business, Managing Director (2013)


  • Songeun Kim

  • Minsun Kim

  • Jungyeon

  • Eunhyun Ahn

  • Kiho Um

  • Boyoung Lee

  • Jaygeun Rhee

  • Mijin Jang


Mind :

A company, where
philosophy is alive and well.
We strive to be a company, where our philosophy
is not just a decoration to our website but also lives
and breathes through our day-to-day work and
collaboration; for what all our members do and say
come from thoughts and philosophy we carry
in our minds.

A company walking
the right path.
In this world, we often see irregularities and tricks,
which can be tempting for many companies
to grow. But we aim to become a company
that keeps walking with integrity along the
conscientious path. We aim to become persons
who are fair and honest to all. We believe there will
come a day when our integrity will finally shine

Learning :
Right Methodology

Culture of autonomy,
discipline, and moderation
A culture of moderation offers balance for an
organization. Its autonomous environment
will increase creativity when gathering ideas
and formulating directions. Once the
direction is consented among all. members will
implement missions in perfect harmony according
to prescribed procedures.

Continuous endeavor for
learning and growth
With the proper methodology,
we may be excelled. From our "NEXCUBE way"
-based "6 Month Cycle" solution, to "Direction-
based Project Management" technique, "8 Step
Task Management" strategies, and "Leadership
Development" program, "Winkia Self
Management" consists of the essence of our
know-how on "how to excel," which will be thoroughly trained, digested, and applied in real life by none other than the members of NEXCUBE.

Action :

Work principle,
respecting the value of time
NEXCUBE respects the value of individual time
of our members. We do not just live for the sake of
work. For each one of our members, family time
and personal occasions are the most valuable
moments. We value those times. We will play
when we play and stay focused when we work.
This is the way we believe we can make the most
valuable use of our time personally and

Endless Challenge and
The "status quo" itself implies the extinction of
the value of an organization and its presence.
We will continue to challenge ourselves and keep leading innovation. That is the fundamental spirit of NEXCUBE.