Core Elements

3 Core Elements of Life-Eng

3 Core Elements of Life Management

The core methodology of our "Life-Enhancing Technology" is to make sure that people achieve what they want by helping them in all aspects of mind, learning, and action, from A to Z, and from 0 to 100.

Mind   |   Attitude

No matter what you do ― study, work, run a business, be on a diet, or exercise ― what really matters is your "Attitude". You will only achieve what you want when you have the mindset to take action.

Learning   |   The Right Methodology

Now with your “Attitude(Mind)” set to go, if you know “The Right Methodology” to learn the task the best way possible, you can achieve what you want more easily.

Action   |   Practice

When you have the attitude and the right methodology, the only thing left is the real action. If you keep practising your missions, you will be able to reach your goal in the end.


Life-Enhancing Technology

By building up a "Life Log Data"-based solution, "CUBE," we help people act on self management missions, optimized for individuals. In order to help people to live their lives the way they want to, we need a methodology that can make a true difference in their lives by providing solutions customized for individual character types.

Our "Life-Enhancing Technology" categorizes individual characters into types and provides people with optimized "Life Management" solutions in suit with their own lifestyles.

As our data accumulate, "CUBE" will become more sophisticated and evolve in a way that everyone can enjoy the optimal "Life Management" services.