Our Philosophy, Our Beliefs


We believe that all human beings want to lead happy lives and hope the same for people around them. We also believe that deep down inside, every one of us yearns to achieve success just the way we dream of it. Particularly, we believe, no matter what you do, you are bound to succeed if three conditions are met. The 3 eternal elements for success are Attitude (Mind), Methodology (Learning), and Practice (Action).

We have a faith that your goal will be accomplished when you have the attitude to achieve it, a proper method, and your best effort ― whether it be your school work, health, career, or life as a whole. We hope to help all the people around the globe live their lives as they wish.


Our Goal and Reason Of Existence

We are committed to lead the "Consciousness Revolution" expected to come after the information revolution

We hope to help all the human beings lead the lives they yearn for.

True happiness only comes when people can live their lives as they wish. NEXCUBE will assist them in finding their own ways of living they want and turning these lifestyles into reality. By doing so, we believe we can help people to have their ideal lives and find true happiness.

By 2023, we plan to establish a versatile, data-based management system, providing services both online and offline. In areas such as self management, education, and health, our solutions will help people to lead their lives as they wish

NEXCUBE help people to create the future they want for themselves through our various businesses: Eduplex, the No.1 self-directed learning system, has been leading the Korea’s new era of education; Spoplex is pioneering and disseminating self-directed personal training in the Korea’s fitness market; and Winkia, the self-help planner system, has facilitated optimized self-management. Based on the data collected through our management experiences, NEXCUBE is endeavoring to establish a framework that can provide services highly customized for each individual.




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Post-information revolution, NEXCUBE’s challenge

The next phase after the information revolution will be the ‘consciousness revolution’, a phase to nurture psychological happiness of human beings

perspective 02

Future of human race, in the eyes of NEXCUBE

We firmly believe that the human race will finally leap into a phase where the entire mankind can all live psychologically happy lives.

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Consciousness revolution, its most practical challenge

We have no doubt that when we help people manage their lives on their own, more people will be able to contribute to the world by making others happy as well as themselves.

Post-information revolution, NEXCUBE’s challenge close


Post-information revolution, NEXCUBE’s challenge

The human race is living in the era of information revolution, the third revolution following agricultural and industrial revolutions. Thanks to the mankind’s special ability to inherit and improve the knowledge and know-how of our predecessors, the human race has evolved and progressed at an exponential rate. Considering the fact that it took 250 thousand years from the advent of the human race until the agricultural revolution, 10 thousand years thereafter until the industrial revolution, and only 300 years thereafter until the information revolution, we could infer that the fourth revolution is about to begin, overlapping with the end of the information revolution.

This whole flow of revolutions from agriculture to industrialization, and information was possible through the collective intellect of the human race, in hope that more people in the world live happy and satisfactory lives. Each revolution could not have taken place without its preceding phase. These phases of development precisely correspond with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and let us infer that the next phase after the information revolution will be the "Consciousness Revolution", a phase to nurture psychological happiness of human beings.

Future of human race, in the eyes of NEXCUBE close


Future of human race, in the eyes of NEXCUBE

What if the entire human race on this planet reaches a high level of consciousness and dignity? Or conversely, what do you think the reason is for all the problems that we are currently facing in this world?

The human race in this era of information revolution is already beginning to recognize that the material wealth alone cannot be the most crucial element that decides the happiness of a person. Whether you get to possess greater things is somewhat less important than whether you and your loved ones have "happy" life health and joy, for long time. Beyond our families and friends, we all yearn for the happy world for everyone. We all feel heartbroken watching horrible wars around the globe and terrible accidents that should never happen.

Yet, even at this moment, even those who never imagined to be in such occasion pass away. Sometimes unexpected, sudden car accidents or vicious crimes take their lives away. When certain lifestyle or environmental factors cause incurable diseases, people lose their lives and are forced to leave their loved ones behind. Moreover, there are still a lot of people who suffer from famine and poverty. They cannot afford the basic needs and pass away in pain.

Meanwhile, some people might seem to be living great life outwardly but very unhappy life inwardly. They could be suffering from depression or other mental disorders, confused in the overflowing sea of information, going through relationship issues with family or friends, stressing out by excessive workload and competition, or struggling financially with bills and debts.

We firmly believe that the human race will solve these issues step by step and, beyond just satisfying the material needs of food, clothing, and shelter, will finally leap into a phase where the entire mankind can have memtally satisfactory life. NEXCUBE aims to be a corporation that can contribute to this incredible process of evolution.

Consciousness revolution, its most practical challenge close


Consciousness revolution, its most practical challenge

We support the plans to supply wireless network so that the entire mankind on the Earth can have unlimited access to information inexpensively. We support to send vaccines to Africa to eradicate malaria. We support the ideas of developing electric vehicles or providing an unlimited amount of solar-powered energy for free. We support the projects aiming to connect the entire human race through one network.

However, the most fundamental and important task is to equip the entire human race on the Earth with the “Self-management Ability” which will empower them with higher consciousness and thus enable them to wisely solve their individual issues according to their own thoughts and wills. Perhaps this is the reason why the relief organizations in Africa not only provide food and medicine but also heavily invest in education as a way to eliminate illiteracy.

What can we do to empower more people to have better wills, learn the method to realize the wills, and finally make them come true on their own? What can we do to help more people to develop capabilities of solving their own problems or others’ more clearly?

When there are more people with such capabilities, we’ll be able to decrease various crimes or conflicts inflicted by wrong mindsets, as well as accidents caused by negligence. In addition, the social atmosphere, where life is respected more than anything, will help accelerate technological innovation to reduce the accident rates. In society where people listen to the voice of conscience and respect and support others, there will be less broken hearts and thus less unhappiness.

NEXCUBE believes that "Life Management" is the most critically essential service that will lead us in this direction. We believe the whole process will be possible through "Life-Enhancing Technology," which facilitates analysis of and feedback on “Life Log Data” collected both online and offline. This is the key agenda NEXCUBE has deliberated on for the last decade and the direction we are heading towards.

“Self Management” is called for everywhere. In a smaller scale, it applies when you play musical instruments or learn foreign languages. What about when you learn how to manage your time, how to live long healthily and beautifully, how to organize, how to study for learning and growth, how to maintain happy relationships with others, and how to excel at what you do with the bestpossible outcomes? In a deeper sense, self management will even help you with how to compose yourself and control mind. We have no doubt that when we help people manage their lives on their own, more people will be able to contribute to the world by making others happy as well as themselves.

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  • 2004

    January 1    Incorporated

    February 14 Launched
    the "Eduplex" brand;
    Opened the first location
    of Eduplex(EDUCATION)

  • 2007

    October 21    Entered into
    an exclusive contract with
    Meiko Network Japan Co.,
    regarding the individualized
    tutoring service in Korea

  • 2008

    October 25    Launched
    "Winkia Planner 2009"

  • 2009

    October 13    Entered into an
    agreement of exchange and
    cooperation with Opeko,
    Finland’s National Centre for
    Professional Development in

  • 2011

    October 13    Opened the first
    location of "Educoach,"
    the individualized tutoring

  • 2013

    December 30    Reached
    over 100 franchised
    locations of Eduplex

  • 2014

    February 28    Launched
    the first location of
    "Spoplex" (HEALTHCARE)

  • 2015

    August 1    Launched
    "Winkia Note Series" (SELF-HELP)

    October 24    Launched
    "Winkia EMO" (SELF-HELP)

    November 15    Launched
    "Educube" (EDUCATION)